Websites are critical when it comes to running a successful business.
Will your customers get what they need out of yours?

Websites are critical when it comes to running a successful business. Will your customers get what they need out of yours?

Affordable, yet Mighty, WordPress Websites!

I specialize in creating custom WordPress websites, using responsive themes that allows for complete control over personalization (responsive adjusts so that it looks great across all devices). The end result is a website design that fits seamlessly with your brand identity, and, once designed, can be easily managed and updated yourself if you choose.

Not only will your website look great, I can also assist you with developing clean copy text with a consistent “voice” composed specifically for your target audience, as well as assisting you with providing all the information your visitors are looking for. Don’t loose potential customers to the competition because their website is more professional and informative!

Need help with hosting, identifying well-functioning plug-ins, maximizing SEO, or keeping everything up-to-date?  Foxy Design Studio has you covered!


The information below is intended to provide you with a ballpark figure. Please contact me with your project details for a personalized quote today!

Prices represent a typical starting point, although a very simple website could cost less. If the customer’s design brief indicates that the project may be more complex in design, or if a project becomes more complicated as we work, an adjusted quote will need to be approved before work begins or resumes. Fees for purchasing stock photos or other material, such as site plug-ins, will also be charged to you (with approval).

Discounts are given when combined with the Brand Identity Package.

Standard Home Page: Using your design ideas and brand identity as a guide, a unique homepage will be designed. This will include background and foreground images, header, footer, menus and other key elements that will make up your website’s basic design, as well as sliders and site overview that invites and encourages visitors to further explore the site.

Unique Subpage: Many websites use a simplified home page design throughout the site, but other websites require unique subpage layouts. Only the first page for each unique design falls into this price category.

Next subpage: This is the second page using the same layout as a page already designed, requiring only new text and images with minimal adjustments in layout.

Additional Subpages: These are the 3rd+ pages using the same page layout. The details are typically worked out at this stage, allowing me to simply insert new information.