Get Your Message Out with Eye-Catching Designs!

Let’s be honest: most people judge a book by it’s cover, which is why having professional brand and marketing material is crucial when starting your business or redesigning for growth. Take your business marketing to the next level with material designed to capture the attention of your target audience!

Mix & Match Business Packages

Putting together a business package is the most cost-effective way to get all the marketing material you need.  Contact me with your Mix & Match Business Plan today for a quote!


At Foxy Design Studio, you can expect to get exactly what you need at a fair price. Each project is unique, so pricing is specific to individual projects, and discounts will be applied to Mix & Match Packages. I understand that you’re doing your research and would like a ballpark figure now, though, which is why I provide the information below. Please contact me with your project details for a personalized quote today!

Simple Designs: Customer provides a simple and clear design with all source files, copy text, font, color and other design elements needed, requiring only one simple revision.  Extremely simple designs, especially designs I can put together quickly using brand identity elements I created for you, may cost less than what is listed.

Standard Designs: A single design is created based on the customer’s general ideas, followed up with to two revisions. Source files and copy text are provided and require little or no editing.

Advanced Designs: Layout or graphic design ideas are more complex and/or more assistance is needed with generating design ideas, source files or copy text.

All pricing represents a typical starting point. If you would like more initial designs or revisions, your design abstract indicates that the project may be more complex or require addtional source file and copy editing time, or if a project becomes more complicated after work has begun, an adjusted quote will need to be approved before work begins or resumes.