The outward expression of your brand should reflect your
business goals and personality, attracting your target clientele.

The outward expression of your brand should reflect your business goals and personality, attracting your target clientele.

Package Description:

Developing a set of design elements and marketing guidelines is a worthy investment. It unifies your brand’s look and simplifies future design work. It is the consistent use of these design elements in all your business materials that develops your brand’s visual identity.  This is the perfect starting place for new businesses as well as those wishing to freshen up their look. Here’s what you’ll get:

Business Brainstorming: I’ll guide you through several simple, creative exercises to help identify your design style preferences and brand personality. The outcome of these exercises will serve as my guide to create designs perfect for you and your business, and it may help you refine your tagline or mission statement.

Logo: This is the central piece in your brand’s visual identity. In this package, you can get up to three initial designs to choose from and multiple revisions, adjusted based on your needs and budget.

Logo Variations: Your business may require some flexible options; logo variations can include a single color or grayscale design, such as a watermark, or simplified versions. Slight color variations may also be required so that your logo looks great on white or various color backgrounds.

Patterns & Designs: These will complement your logo and serve as consistent background elements in your print and web material.

Colors & Fonts: Print and web colors will each be defined, and complimentary fonts will be carefully selected for you to use consistently in all your material.

Files & Shortcuts: All of your design elements will be delivered to you, and you will own the copyright. Your design elements can also be packaged as Illustrator symbols, patterns and color files for easy access when working on new projects.

Discounts on Business and Marketing Material: This package includes new business cards, and this is an ideal time to take advantage of discounts to build your own Mix & Match Business Package.


This comprehensive service typically ranges from $400-$1000, based on design complexity.

My goal is to work within your budget.  Before we begin, I will provide you with tips to help streamline the process and keep your costs down.

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