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Making your own logo is tough.  While my own creative ideas come into play when working with clients, I’m also asking questions and looking for their design preferences.  My goal is to give them exactly what they wanted, whether they knew what they wanted or not at the beginning of the process.

When making your own logo, though, graphic designers often feel of the pressure of all of their potential clients.  We can easily loose sight of our own preferences and get stuck trying to make more potential clients happy with our personal business design.

In designing my logo, I wanted an image that was elegant, warm and comforting.  I strived to find the right balance between whimsical and real; keeping with the simplicity of a logo while bringing in the detail and color of a fox.  I also enjoy hand lettering, so of course that was included in my design.

Here is more work

My first design included my love for Autumn, and I decided to let go of the rules and just make something I love by turning “Foxy” into birch trees and adding some fall leaves.  It served as a great example instead: detailed designs often don’t work when scaled down business cards, letterhead and other material.  It even proved problematic on my website.



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June 12, 2016