DPAC Recital Packages

I’ve always had a lot of fun with these designs. While the studio may have some vague ideas about the design they want, they usual trust the creative work to me since they are so busy focusing on choreography, costumes and props. A complete recital package includes custom poster, ticket, program and DVD cover designs. A poster design image is also provided for social media advertising, and additional images are provided as needed for show videos and DVD menu backgrounds.

Client: Dellos Performing Arts Center

Design Brief:

  • Designs that correspond with the show title
  • Include DPAC logo
  • Print material deadlines
  • Work with videographer

Solution: For t-shirt printing, the design included 4 colors: white, light gray, dark gray and black. The “T,” heart and other red portions are holes in the design that allow the t-shirt color to show through. An alternate logo was created on a white background for print and web material.

The design was very well-received by the campers and staff. By popular demand, a special order of sweatshirts was made during camp even though they would not be received until after camp was over, then another order was made the following year for those who regretted not getting one! 

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From start to finish, Michelle was thorough and detailed and provided invaluable feedback to assist us in arriving at a gorgeous representation of our business missions. Michelle was patient, communicated clearly and worked quickly to filter out the things that could wait and the things that took precedence in each project. I believe our businesses have thrived due to having such professional content and presentation.

Kanani Mettler