Monarch Window Cleaning

I was excited to create this design for Camp Fire’s Camp Tacanneko, a nature camp my kids love attending and my dad and I volunteer.

Client: Camp Fire Central Coast

Design Notes:

  • Native American, totem pole or eagle design
  • Resemble the Camp Fire badge members earned
  • Highlight camp’s 50th year
  • Include Camp Tacanneko’s meaning and symbols that had been forgotten over the years (to gather with friends outdoors; a heart for friends, a “T” for trees, and a handprint for friendship)
  • Cardinal red t-shirts
  • Print and web material
Outcome: For t-shirt printing, the design included 4 colors: white, light gray, dark gray and black. The “T,” heart and other red portions are holes in the design that allow the t-shirt color to show through. An alternate logo was created on a white background for print and web material.

The design was very well-received by the campers and staff. By popular demand, a special order of sweatshirts was made during camp even though they would not be received until after camp was over (and an order for this design for those who missed out was included in the t-shirt order the following year)!